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    Tooltip with xml data set

    Stuart Haiz Level 1

      I have posted this over on the Spry forum but wonder if someone else has had a similar issue and found a solution as I am trying to find the answer to this quickly if possible; I want to use a tooltip with an xml data set.


      I have an xml data set of events and within it there is a tooltip element. How can I get another element to act as a trigger so my tooltip appears when I mouseover the element?


      My data set is displaying correctly. I'm trying to get the event title element to act as the trigger and the code that I have so far:


      <div spry:region="eventsDS">
              <table width="533">
                  <th width="108" spry:sort="date">Date</th>
                  <th width="105" spry:sort="title">Title</th>
                  <th width="98" spry:sort="location">Location</th>
                  <th width="202" spry:sort="price">Price</th>
                <tr spry:repeat="eventsDS">
                  <td><a href="#tooltiptrigger">{title}</a></td>
            <div class="tooltipContent" id="sprytooltip" spry:detailregion="eventsDS">{tooltip}</div>
      <p><a href="#top">back to top</a></p>
            <script type="text/javascript">
      var sprytooltip = new Spry.Widget.Tooltip("sprytooltip", "#tooltiptrigger");