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    Can't get video to show up when Export>Media

    reindeer4 Level 1

      Not sure what kind of noobie mistake I'm making, but when I try to Export a clip to video in Premiere Pro CS4, (via File>Export>Media>and then selecting flv or h264), I'm not getting any video output.  The audio comes across fine, but the screen is blank in all of the players I've tried (Flash, Quicktime, Adobe Media Player).  I've had both the audio and video layers selected when clicking File>Export>Media, and there was an eyeball in the video layer for visibility.


      Not sure if this relates to the problem, but the 2nd display in my Premiere Program (not the Source Window but the ?Sequence window I guess) is black at rest.  If I click play, I can see the video and hear audio, but as soon as I stop the play, that window goes back to black (as opposed to displaying the current frame the movie is on).


      I've tried changing all the parameters I could think of, but none of that has fixed things.  So any help would be appreciated.