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    Persisting slide when importing a PPT presentation after publishing in Flash 7


      I have been reading about people's various problems with importing Powerpoint but so far haven't found exactly the problem that I have been encountering.


      I am using Captivate 4 with Windows XP and have tried both PP2003 and PP2007 versions of the presentations with the same results :


      One ppt slide (always the same) remains in the background of my published Captivate during the whole presentation.


      The .cp version of my work is flawless, the PPT does not habe any animation.

      I tried to publish as .exe and as .html with the same results (always in Flash 7 version)


      However, this graphic bug disappeared when I published in Flash 10. But my clients only have Flash 7.


      Does anyone know if I can get rid of this bug while publishing in Flash 7 version ?


      Thanks in advance for your help !



      You can see an example of two slides one on the other below :

      Error CP.JPG