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    How best to provide a link from inside a ScrollPane?


      I have a movie clip (named "panel") which contains a scrollpane (named "ScrollPane). Within this scrollpane is a movie clip named "textmovie".


      In "textmovie" is a whole lot of text which you can scroll from top to bottom utilizing "ScrollPane". I would like to add a link within this great amount of text that will provide a small, borderless pop-window which will define the word which you clicked. There is only one word which needs to be defined, so I don't need a dynamic text box or anything fancy like that. I need a simple text box to appear.


      I could'nt find anything too simple, so i thought I would just add a frame into "textmovie" which will have the box appear. When someone clicks the word (via an invisible button) the movie would go to frame 2 (making the text box appear). When the mouse is clicked again, the movie will go back to frame one.


      Again, this whole thing would be scrollable as it is a movie clip inside a scrollpane.


      The only problem is, any button I place in "textmovie" seems to not be accessible when viewing the "panel" swf. Its as if the button is too many layers deep to be recognized by the mouse click.


      You can click and drag on the content within the scrollpane to make it scroll. When you click-and-hold on top of the invisible button (which I would like to make the "textmovie" play to frame 2, the entire contents of the scrollpane will scroll up and down. This is what tells me that the invisible button is behind the scrollpane layer, not allowing the button in "textmovie" to be clicked.


      Any ideas how to make this button in "textmovie" clickable?


      Thank you.