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    Setting up text in AI for import to Flash - CS4

    EmPag Level 1

      I am creating artwork in AI that will be imported into Flash by a programmer and I am trying to avoid any imcompatibility issues. I know AI well but not much about Flash. Some of my artwork contains quite of bit of copy. The incompatibility report shows these warnings when I test the import:


      - Paragraph contains multiple ledding values

      - Space after paragraph

      - Superscript or subscript


      Some of the text needs to be dynamic so we can't create outlines.


      Should I break apart the copy in AI to be muliple text boxes and multiple point type objects to avaoid the leadding and space after paragraph problems?


      How do I handle the superscript characters in dynanic text fields? Does Flash have a different way to set superscript?


      AI and Flash CS4.



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          waterdad568 Level 3

          Its difficult to give you a deifinitive answer without the final objective being known and how these elements will be used in Flash.


          You mentioned you're working with a Flash programmer and providing them with the content that will become the final product, so IMHO any programmer would be thrilled to discuss with the creator how he is to recieve the materials he will be working with, if he can tell you, based on what your trying to accomplish, exactly what it is and in what format would be best, it saves him and you time and trouble later, therefore my first suggestion is to speak with them directly and pose this question to them.