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    DW8 flash button target frame not working

      I'm using DW8 v8.0.2 on Windows XP Home Edition SP1. I have created a frameset by doing the following:
      - Select File>New from menu bar
      - Select Framesets category
      - Select Fixed Top, Nested Left in Framesets column
      - Select Create

      Then, I add a Flash Button in the leftFrame and target the mainFrame by doing the following:
      - Select Insert>Media>Flash Button on menu bar
      - Select Blip Arrow
      - Set text to Information
      - Set Size to 12
      - Select my information.htm file from Browse button of Link box
      - Select mainFrame from Target box drop-down list
      - Enter information.swf as filename in Save as box
      - Select OK

      Then, I select File>Save All

      When I preview in a browser, I select the button & the content opens in a new browser window instead of the mainFrame frame. The same happens if I select leftFrame as target. However, _top, _self, _parent, and _blank seem to work well. I renamed mainFrame to contentFrame & it made no difference. I tried it in IE and Netscape, no difference, except Netscape is a lot faster.

      Tried text links to do the same thing & they work fine. Tried other flash buttons and they behave the same as Blip Arrow button.

      Saw several discussions on web & in this forum, but no solutions. Searched Knowledgebase, no solutions.

      Saw some attempts at solutions dealing with button code, but DW8 creates .swf file & button code is not editable.

      Is there a solution to this problem?