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    Creating HD video for You Tube with PRE.7




      I need help and am turning to this forum.  I cannot get my video once I have edited it in PRE7 to upload to You Tube in an HD format with an aspect ratio of 16.9 (widescreen).


      I am using Adobe Pre Element 7.0 for editing video.

      I am shooting the video with a VIO POV helmet camera.  I shoot video in the following formats, I am using all the highest seetings.

      Frame Rate:  30fps

      Resolution:  720X480

      Formats:  MPEG4 AVI (DivX Codec) digital

      My computer has plenty of power/speed/memory to handle these applications.




      I am not having trouble editing the videos in PRE7.  My problem is when I upload to You Tube it is not in the widescreen aspect ratio.  I have attached a link that illustrates this (above).  You can see the You Tube is recognizing an HD format in the options it provides.


      How do I get my videos to save on the 16.9 widescreen format?