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    Crash 0::42 when Exporting Audio with Quicktime:


      Hello Folks,


      We're having an issue with exporting .mov files from After Effects.  When a user tries rendering a project through Make Movie > Ouput Module > Quicktime Movie, AE crashes with the error code 0::42 if the user simply clicks the 'Format Options' button for Audio output.  In addition, if the user selects File > Export > Quicktime Movie, the movie will get about half way done and crash with the same error.


      This error occurs on all of our workstations.  We are using CS4 and HP workstations of various makes and models, the only direct similarity is they all use Realtek built in audio.  I have done some troubleshooting using procmon.exe and the issue that seems to be coming up points to a conflict with our audio driver and Quicktime (see the following regesty entries below)


      The following kept coming up with a BUFFER OVERFLOW and NAME NOT FOUND results:


      HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0262&SUBSYS_103C 130A&REV_1002\4&705ED8E&0&0001\DirectSound\Device Presence


      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32


      Also, both registry entries point to the file

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\(Media Core plug-ins)\Common\AsioWdm.dll


      Does AsioWdm.dll have some conflict with our HD Realtek audio and quicktime?

      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sound card drivers / codecs.  This actually allowed me to export Quicktime movies without crashing via File > Export.  However, we're still experiencing the crash when clicking on 'Format Options' from Make Movie > Output Module > Format Options.


      Does anyone have any idea what's causing / how to resolve our issue?


      Any help would be much appreciated.





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Have you updated to After Effects CS4 (9.0.2)? That update fixed several crashing problems.

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            benSoderstrom Level 1

            Hello and thanks for the reply.  Sorry, I forgot to mention our version.  Yes, we have 9.0.2 and I ran the adobe updator and it didn't report any available downloads for AE.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              AsioWdm.dll is a translation host that plugs ASIO compliant audio modules into Windows. Normally it would only be used in Soundbooth and Premiere. I suspect you are using a specific CoDec that also initializes it, but then can't find the rest of the required environment. This may also work in reverse by Windows attempting to do something with an external audio device, e.g. audio forwarded to a screen with built-in speakers via HDMI or USB. Hard to tell. Do you use any such things?



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                I have the same problem. I'm using After Effects CS4 ( on Windows 7 (64bit OS). My Quicktime version is 7.6.5.


                Every time I export/render to quicktime, if I click the Audio Format button, After Effects crashes.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Do you also have one of those Realtek chips or do you use another audio hardware? There were a few known issues with those chipsets, but the 9.0.2 update should have fixed them... Mmh. Can you provide some more details? Do otehr audio output modules also cause a crash?



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                    benSoderstrom Level 1

                    Hello again,


                    Thank you for your responses, here is an update on our status:

                    I am testing a simple scene with a .wav file.  AE only crashes when we're using the Quicktime module and if we click on Format Options in the audio settings.  All other modules seem to work just fine.  Interestingly, if we choose File > Export > Quicktime Movie, we can access the audio compression options and AE does not crash.


                    In regards to ASIO, as far as I know, we are not interfacing with anything else.  The workstations we're using have built-in speakers, but I don't see how that could be an issue and nothing else is plugged in.


                    As for the codecs, we have the k-lite package installed as well as DivX, Xvid and whatever comes with the Realtek drivers.  I tried uninstalling k-lite and xvid, but neither seemed to help.


                    Other things I have tried:


                    - Uninstalled and reinstalled AE

                    - Updated Quicktime to the newest version

                    - Uninstalled and reinstalled Quicktime to version 7.65

                    - Disabled openGL support


                    NOTE: we recently tried this on one of our workstations (z600) with windows 7 64 bit and we got the same issue.


                    No matter what we do, AE still crashes when we have the Quicktime format selected and click the Format Options Button for the audio settings.


                    Any other ideas?

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      Mmh, CoDec packs are an issue. Can you verify that the CoDecs indeed are gone e.g. by letting VLC or VirtualDub list all available CoDecs? What is so weird, is that the crashes are consistent al lacross the board, so it must be something rather specific to your settings or configuration. Crashing one machine is possible, but all of them seems rather strange. could you generate a system info report on one on the machines? maybe we are overlooking something critical here, e.g. some otehr software or driver utterly unrelated to the audio...



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                        Hi was this problem ever fixed?

                        I have the same issue using vista 64, AE CS4, ASUS SoundMax intergrated sound card.

                        AE crashes when trying to change audio format in the render output dialog when rendering to Quicktime. But isn't a problem if i use File/Export/Quicktime?


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                          benSoderstrom Level 1

                          Hello again,


                          Sorry for the lateness of my reply.  I haven't made much headway with the problem, but here are a few uploads that will hopefully help pinpoint the issue.


                          Enclose are the following:


                          1.  Detailed profile of test computer (including installed software)

                          http://www.sfdm.scad.edu/intranet/students/forum/images/troubleshooting/Adobe/z600Profile. txt



                          2.  List of currently installed video codecs.


                          and the audio codecs:




                          3.  Crash report from After Effects.

                          http://www.sfdm.scad.edu/intranet/students/forum/images/troubleshooting/Adobe/AE_CrashRepo rt.txt


                          I hope this will reveal something.





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                            I have the exact same problem.  I'm using After Effects CS4, using the latest version  (dva:, on Windows Vista 64 bit.


                            My motherboard has the RealTek chip.  I'm using the latest version of the RealTek Audio drivers for the SuperMicro MBD-X8DA3-O motherboard. But I have disabled that driver, because I'm using the Creative Labs "Fatal1ty Champ1on series" PCI sound card, with the latest drivers.


                            In After Effects CS4, When I set options for a QuickTime Movie, and in the Audio section, when I press the "Format Options..." button, After Effects Crashes with this error:


                            After Effects error: Crash in progress.  Last logged message was:
                            <12888> <ae.blitpipe> <2> rect:24.000000|:0.000000
                            w:1032.000000 h:659.000000


                            (0 :: 42)


                            Here are the codecs on my machine, according to Windows Media Player:



                            I have gone through all the troubleshooting recommended in the knowledge base, like disabling OpenGL, disabling various plugins, etc, etc, and I still get the crash.


                            Any ideas?

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                              Scott_28365 Level 1

                              I found a temporary work-around. The problem happens when you are using QuickTime version 7.6.4 or later.  The work-around is to uninstall QuickTime, then install version 7.6.2.  This approach worked on my Windows Vista 64 bit system.

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                                Hey Guys--


                                Just want to chime in.


                                Exact same problem with Windows 7. Instant crash when I push the "format" button. I have a RealTek sound card with recently loaded driver.

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                                  benSoderstrom Level 1

                                  I just wanted to confirm that the problem is not inherent to the Realtek drivers.  I just brought in a soundblaster Audigy SE and it still is crashing After Effects with the same error code.  After seeing Scott's post, I tried rolling back to Quicktime 7.3.1.  After doing so, AE did not crash when I tried to initialize the sound settings!  Thanks for your discovery, Scott.  Unfortunately, this is a rather undesirable solution as we have about 600 computers in our building and we won't be reimaging them for a few more months.  Knowing that it is a version conflict with Quicktime 7.6.4 or greater, is there any possible fix that might be extracted out of this information?

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                                    Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

                                    Just to add my 'me too' on this.


                                    Running Windows 7 64bit

                                    Crashing CS4 when hitting the Audio Format button with Quicktime format slected.

                                    A roll back to Quicktime 7.6 (472) fixed the problem.


                                    Does anyone know if QT 7.6.6 - the latest version at time of this posting - has fixed the issue?


                                    Does the same issue/crash occur in AE CS5 ?

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                                      Just to chime in with a bit more info:


                                      AE CS3 8.0.2

                                      QT Pro 7.6.5

                                      Win7 64bit


                                      Export>WAV: crashes immediately w/ 0::42 error

                                      Make Movie>output module>format "WAV": works correctly

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                                        SFL46 Level 3

                                        There's some posts on other forums that states that Quicktime 7.6.6 doesn't

                                        include the 64 bit capability.  Many with Windows 7 on that board appear to be returning

                                        to 7.5.5

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                                          Im so dissapointed with aftereffects, I have downloaded the trial version to double check if I can export with out crashes, but the issue seems to carry on with no resolution, however I have built a high turbo boosted nvida card along with a processor of 3.2 and 6 gbs of ram and the crash accours, and render speed is not effecient.


                                          Im sorry to inform Adobe but I no longer will purchase aftereffects.


                                          I have tried so many codecs, I have even trouble importing full HD video with MP4 file into aftereffects as it only views the sound track instead of the video.


                                          Its very expensive to purchse this program when such issues occures and no solution has made.


                                          My CPU is fully built for these purposes, but aftereffects is not complying as expected.