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    Keep .dng "original" AND adjusted version... or just revert to CR defaults for "original" condition?

    Steep Ascent

      As with everyone, my file space requirements are growing rapidly.  So, for my workflow, from my camera I'm planning to keep the .jpg and .cr2 (Canon) converted to .dng as my "original" files (then dump the .cr2).  I'll then take the .dng into camera raw and create a .psd to work on.  That .psd would become the finished product which I'll keep that along w/a .tiff and .jpg version of it. (Total of 5 files)


      At first I was going to keep both the original .dng AND the .dng after adjustment in Camera Raw (save w/[DONE] hosted in Bridge)  - but in the interest of saving some space I thought I could instead save only the adjusted .dng.


      That way I'd have saved my adjustments, but if I ever wanted to "start over," or try another processing round for the file, I could just make a copy of the adjusted .dng and reset everything to 'default' in Camera Raw so that the file would be  (I think...) just as it was right after the .cr2 -> .dng conversion.


      Is there any major/critical flaw to this plan?  I don't want to start to do this and then find out 1,000 images later that I overlooked something I shouldn't have.