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    Item renderes in list Box plz help me out!!!!!


      HI all,

             i have a problem with rendering images with data in list control plese help me.problem in detail....



      1)i have a data externally and i have to call it by using web service example data is in  xml?


      2)after calling the xml i have to bind it to list box control in flex , the data will be images and text in side of xml file?


      3)now i have to use item renderers to disply data in list box control , in 3coloumns


      first coloumn will be image <space>data and second column also image <space>data , third column also image<space> data


      i am showing below



                      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

                      < image>  name id,city            < image >name,id(any data)      <  image> name,id(any data)

                                (000)-000-0000              < image> name,id(any data)     <  image >name,id(any data)


                     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------




         the above is just example , in list i mage and data need to be displyed .