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    Main.swf  help please


      Hi guys,


      I am having trouble updating this main.swf.   I have edited the buttons movieclips that need to be changed, and also added new text to the newstext movieclip.


      when i uploaded it to the website, and emptied my cache too, it still kept the old one.


      now i know i've been asking basically the same questions over and over but the problem still arises.


      is there any way for me to attach the .fla file here so some kind person can have a look see and maybe tell me whats wrong with the flash file? or the upload?


      I've tried almost all the advice given to me here, but still no luck on the update.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's no reason to check your fla if the problem is edits you've made do not appear when you upload your swf.


          is that the problem?

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            Harry Kunz Level 4

            Is it loaded into another swf file or directly loaded by the webpage? I also have those problems from time to time when i upload SWF files. The easiest way to ensure 100% reflected changes is to rename the SWF.

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              Chipleh Level 3

              I've seen this problem come up years ago, which did confuse me at first. One sure fire way to see your reflected changes is to clear your cache, shut down the browser window that you're currently using to view the .swf, open a new browser window and revisit the page/link. You should now see your reflected changes. Simply clearing your cache without shutting down the current page first won't always do the trick, but I've found that firing up new window will show your reflected changes every time.



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                Harry Kunz Level 4

                I had the same problem before with XML files. The browser could never pick up the changes despite multiple clearing cache 'n closing browser. I even went manually to the caching folder to make sure it was indeed deleted but somehow the browser(s) always managed to pick up the old file, i was beginning to think that the server is keeping them which is ofourse absurd... Until now i don't know why those things are happening.

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                  spliffster42 Level 1

                  i figured it out! all the main files were loading from a folder inside the main folder. Originally, i thought the page would automaticlly load from the index.html from the public folder. Instead it loaded from a secondary folder, took me a while to figure out, but at least now its working. thank god!