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    Trouble using item renderer insid datagrid to display icons.


      I am trying to use an inline itemrenderer to display an image and a label in a datagrid column. I use a dynamic XML to load the datagrid. But somehow it doesnt seem to work for me. Please let me know where i am commiting a mistake.



      My Datagrid:

      <mx:HBox verticalGap="2">
      <mx:Image source="{data.setIcons()}" />
      <mx:Label text="{data.type}"/>



      Action Script:


      private function setIcons():String {


      var image:String;
      var type:String = errorList.type;


      switch (type) {


      case "ERROR":
      image = "assets\images\error.jpg";


      case "WARNING":
      image = "assets\images\warning.jpg";






      return image;




      private function errorReportHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
      errorList = event.result.sample;



      I have tried to specify the source of the image as :


      <mx:Image id="dgImage" source="\assets\images\{toLowerCase(data.type)}.jpg" />


      But still it jus shows a greyish image with nothin in it... it s kind of silver greyish in color and shows nothin.


      I have even tried to embed the images in a class and refer them accordingly based on the 'type', but it also didnt work.

      Could someone plz tel me wat im missing?

      Thanks in advance.