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    Jerky Vioeo 4 few seconds and freeze it while play audio ok..

    nathapushpa Level 1
      Thank all for ur input.


      The main problem is when I grab video clips from the desktop to the project window and play back on monitor of CS4, I get jerky video for few seconds and freeze it while playing audio perfectly up until to end of the clip.


      I have tried the same thing with APPro 1.5, the same thing has happened.


      When I play the SXS card thru Sony XDCAM EX1 on the Televion, I could not find any jerky video there.


      I have set the XDCAM EX1 and PProCS4 for PAL/HQ/1080i/25fps.


      Any other suggestions to try out..


      e-Mail: nathapushpa@gmail.com