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    Punch Home Pro Platinum

      I am using Punch Home Pro Platinum software. It allows the architectural design of homes. When I click on Live view it turns the 2-D version of my blueprint into a 3-D version. You then can either walk around the design or click on the fly around button and you can hover around the design in a helicopter. I want to capture the fly around for a movie ad i am making for a client and can't seem to figure out what settings to use. I am using the demo trial version of Captivate if that helps.
      Here's what I do:
      Click on record or create a new project.
      Click on software simu;ation.
      Click on custom size. OK.
      Choose the Punch window.
      Choose full motion recording.
      Click record.
      I then hear a camera shutter sound and my cursor turns to an hourglass.
      An icon in the sytem tray starts flashing and then it seems to lock up.
      If I choose recording mode/s I can get it to take a "photo" of the screeen each time I click the mouse but no movie.