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    Random Quiz

    bq_shadow Level 1

      I am working on quiz program in which I took Flash UI components radiobutton .

      Here the radio button generate for each questions and label size is defined (700). On few questions label cross the canvas/stage and miss the word . I want to use wordwrap functionaility here.

      tempArray = btnYposArray.sort(shuffle);
      rightA = questionsArray[idq].correctAnswer;

      for (var rb = 0; rb<btnYposArray.length; rb++) {
      rb == rightA ? dat=rb : dat=0;
      choices = questionsArray[idq].answers[rb];

      this.attachMovie("FRadioButtonSymbol", "question"+rb, 1110+rb, {_x:10, _y:tempArray[rb], Label:choices, Data:dat, GroupName:"gQuest", ChangeHandler:"showData"});

      Please help me. your comments are appreciate


      Note: I attached my work in Flashkit Forum