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    TLF problem with flex_sdk_4.0.0.10485


      Hi All,

      I have just written a simple As class using flex builder3 and flex_sdk_4.0.0.10485 surprisingly it shows a dozen of errors

           my simple class is

        package {
          import flash.display.Sprite;
          import flashx.textLayout.compose.StandardFlowComposer;
          import flashx.textLayout.container.ContainerController;
          import flashx.textLayout.elements.ParagraphElement;
          import flashx.textLayout.elements.SpanElement;
          import flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow;


          public class HelloWorld extends Sprite
              public function HelloWorld()
                  var textFlow:TextFlow = new TextFlow();
                  var p:ParagraphElement = new ParagraphElement();
                  var span:SpanElement = new SpanElement();
                  span.text = "Hello, World";
                  span.fontSize = 48;
                  textFlow.flowComposer.addController(new ContainerController(this, 400, 200));


      the error lis in Flex builder:



      Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
      1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before BusyCursor.        DemoTLF    line 17    1267524161015    177
      1084: Syntax error: expecting rightbrace before end of program.        DemoTLF    line 53    1267524161015    178
      1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before s.        DemoTLF    line 17    1267524161000    174
      1093: Syntax error.        DemoTLF    line 17    1267524161000    175
      1094: Syntax error: A string literal must be terminated before the line break.        DemoTLF    line 17    1267524161015    176


      I did'nt get whats going wrong any help would be highly appriceated