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    Upgrade to CF8 with LiveCycle kills messaging

    ashar2005 Level 1
      I don't know "what" I was thinking but I decided to "upgrade" to Coldfusion 8 with Livecycle Data Services
      and try out my Flex apps to see if they still worked with messaging.... NOT !

      The so-called "simple" upgrade to use CF8's embedded LifeCycle Data Services has turned into a nightmare !
      Problem 1: After setting up the ColdFusionGateway for messaging and compiling the application, it just didn't work, and after Googling around, plenty of folks were having problems, and they suggested downloading and installing the 2.0.1 hotfix, so I did.

      Problem 2: Now the debugger gives you errors about "overriding the subtopic". What ? I don't even have subtopics in my messaging..... so after hours of more Googling and finding MANY other people who were having the same problem, a couple of people suggested "remove the library reference to fds.swc from your project because Flex still puts it in there", so I did.

      Problem 3: Now it doesn't complain about overriding subtopics anymore, but on startup the faultHandler for the Producer
      throws an error about the application needing "FlexClient" support and me needing to recompile the application. What ?
      I just installed the hotfix SDK and created a new project just to make sure there wasn't anything lingering around, and
      deleted the fds.swc from the project (if you don't, you go back to getting the override errors). This sucks !

      On a side note, if I ignore the faulthandler's message and send the message, I can see by the CF8 administrator
      that the gateway is in fact receiving the message from Flex and is returning a message back from CF8, which however
      never gets to the Flex app.

      Too bad I didn't just stay with a STABLE Flex 2.0.1 / CF7.02/ FDS2 environment ! This is now a complete mess...