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    Web Service - Errors


      Please help - my Flex trial is about to run out and if I can't get this to work, our company will not buy Flex :-(

      In summary, I am getting the following error when attempting to call a web service:

      [WSDLError faultString="Element http://tempUri2.org/:TestMethodResponse not resolvable" faultCode="WSDL.BadElement" faultDetail="null"] ... I then get some WSDLParser errors.

      The web service has been implemented as a SQL Server 2005 Endpoint.

      In SQL Server 2005 the HTTP/SOAP endpoints feature lets you consume Web services mapped to objects in SQL Server. Unlike earlier versions, IIS is no longer required. The Windows Server 2003 kernel listener, HTTP.sys, lets SQL Server listen for HTTP requests and process them directly.

      There seems to be some connection between Flex and the WS being made as the "TestMethodResponse" is defined in the wsdl. I understand that I probably need to have an crossdomain.xml somewhere but don't know where to put it as there is no web server involved.

      Has anyone worked with Flex and SQL Server 2005 endpoints? Is it possible to achieve what i'm trying to do?

      Any help will be immensely appreciated ... time is running out and if this doesn't work, it's back to boring old reporting services for me.