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    Where is CGM export in Illustrator CS4???




      I have been tasked to save hundreds of drawings to CGM format.   We are currently using Adobe Illustrator CS4, but I do not see an Export Filter
      for the CGM format.


      CGM is widely used now in the Aerospace and Defense Industry for S1000D publications.  Does Adobe support CGM in Illustrator CS4 and/or will
      it be supported in Illustrator CS5 or will people now have to look at other companies for CGM support?


      The industry supporting S1000D is getting larger and larger everyday and, as an Adobe Illustrator fan, I would hate for Adobe to lose business because they did not support the CGM/Web CGM format.


      I hope that someone from Adobe can take the time to respond to this posting, as there is a BIG NEED for CGM support out there in the world.


      Thanks for your time.





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I hope that someone from Adobe can take the time to respond to this posting,


          Unlikely. This is a user to user forum and even if there would be participation from officials, you would not be able to coerce anyone into revealing plans for future features. Everything else is neitehr here nor there, as they say. For the time being AI does not support CGM, so yes, you will have to look elsewhere.



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            CHMprepress Level 3

            I can find this on Wiki:

            The initial CGM implementation was effectively a streamed representation of a sequence of Graphical Kernel System primitive operations. It has been adopted to some extent in the areas of technical illustration and professional design, but has largely been superseded by formats such as SVG andDXF.


            Cant you do somthing with SVG or DXF?

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              Sorry for the delay in posting.


              My customer requires the CGM format and I would really like to see that option available in Illustrator (both for Import and Export).

              I realize that there are several CGM applications on the market, but I am using Adobe Illustrator CS4 and would like to be able to create
              CGM drawings (with hotspots) using just Illustrator.


              Any ideas on if this will come back again (hint: feature request for AI CS5)?  I think it would be a good selling point for those who develop CGM drawings for S1000D customers.





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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                Well since the announcement for CS 5 is 5 days away I am positive that is not enough time to probably even consider it for CS 6 or CS 7. Usually when a feature request show a up here it takes two three or four versions before even the hint of it shows up.

                'And if you don't make the request on the FR Forum then it is highly unlikely it will ever show up.

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                  Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can import CGM files into Illustrator. There is no facility for exporting CGM.

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                    james.mckay Level 1



                    Thanks for the responses.


                    The ability to import and export to CGM using Adobe Illustrator, has already been submitted as a Feature Request.  Perhaps,
                    the more we talk about it, the more likely it will gain popularity.


                    I can only hope, since I would rather just use Adobe Illustrator than PTC IsoDraw, or any of the other CGM (creation/editing) tools on the market.


                    Adobe should look at the S1000D related industry and add this feature to all future versions of Illustrator (even in the form of a patch update).


                    I think they would find that if they re-introduced this feature (with hotspot cabability) and advertised this feature, that you would find a lot of companies willing to purchase Adobe Illustrator.  This is just my opinion of course.






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                      Sill waiting on the ability to export CGM files from AI CS5.  I agree Adobe should add the CGM export to AI CS5 through a patch to support the S1000D related industry.

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                        MW Design Level 4

                        Wait all ya want. It is an outdated and limited format regardless of what industry is using it. And I wouldn't hold my breath for a patch to a previous version--nor count on CGM being available in the around-the-corner-CS7.


                        Or, you can purchase an application that supports CGM and either use it as an intermediary between AI and the desired CGM format (and add the necessary clean-up), or just use it for design/output altogether.


                        Best of luck, Mike

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                          James, I am new to the Adobe Forum, but I too need to have a vector program that exports to CGM with hotspots. Did you ever find a solution OR did Adobe ever include it in CS6 (which I don't have).


                          I use Corel Designer X5 and although it exports to CGM OK enough, I can only get it to do minor (very minor) hotspots and related activity. It's "web-like" CGM export features hit a brick wall really quick.


                          So I guess my question to you is... did you ever find a solution to this problem?




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                            Will_Drifter Level 1

                            We have the same issue trying to make CGM files in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

                            We are looking at going to AutoTroll



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                              Our office is having problems with .cgm files as well. We are having to use Illustrator 10 and/or IsoDraw to export .cgm files for placement in XML documents. Problem is, the program being used to access the files is one called iads, and they insist that our office is using a BETA cgm generator. I can't find any information that is helpful in solving our issues with the cgm files. Basically, it is the fonts that are not rendering properly since iads upgraded to the next version, and I'm looking for a viable solution. There is no option to use a different authoring program. I am wondering if it is a font-related issue.

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                                roy scorer

                                We have similar problem, have to comply with S1000D and all illustrations are created fresh not from any CAD, Isodraw etc application, so now going to have to use Corel Draw, export to CGM and use CGM validation application and then place into Framemaker.  Shame Illustrator no longer exporting to CGM or better would be Indesign allowing CGM files to be placed before exporting to XML.

                                Nothing is straight forward these days.