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    Upgrading from RoboHelp for HTML Help x4.1


      Hello there, I’m using an old version of RoboHelp – RoboHelp for HTML Help x4.1. I’ve now upgraded to a new machine using Windows7 (we’re also using Microsoft Office 2007).  I've tried to activiate RoboHelp on the new machine but it was trying to find an eHelp server – and it looks like the eHelp corporation doesn’t exist anymore? Anyway, I ‘ve contacted Adobe to see how I can activate my existing copy of RoboHelp. And then I started thinking about upgrading – and I’ve started to look into what I can upgrade to from version 4.1. It looks like I can purchase RoboHelp 8 – but it also looks like the oldest version you can upgrade to version 8 from is RoboHelp 5. And I can’t see that you can buy RoboHelp 7 anymore? Any advice and help would be appreciated. Regards, Nicky