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    Trim Project with Image Sequences




      I have trimmed many projects in the past using the project manager in CS3 and not had much trouble.


      I am experiencing problems trimming a project now.  I believe it is because I have many large TGA sequences.


      These are the settings I have enabled

      - Create new trimmed project

      - Exclude unused clips

      - Include handles of 30 frames (tried this both off and on)

      - Rename media (tried this both off and on)


      When the project manager tries to trim the project, the following occurs:


      1) It analyses the project and begins the trim

      2) It gives an error stating

      "The following file could not be found during the Project Manager operation: \\?\w:\xxxxxxx\"trimmed project title"_001\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxxx.tga

      3) In the folder where the trimmed project was supposed to be created, there exist two folders: the correctly titled trim folder (\trimmed_xxx\) and another folder (\trimmed_xxx_001\).


      Each Folder contains many empty folders named after my footage, some named "xxx_01" and some named "xxx_001".


      Only one folder contains any TGAs, which is the one mentioned in the error.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?


      Has anyone else got a work around?


      Please help!