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    Basic workflow for new CS3 project

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      And thanks beforehand for your help !


      I'm going to start editing a video using CS3 on a Dell Inspiron 530.

      2.6 ghz dual core cpu

      3 gig ram

      1 sata HD - 130 gig free

      geforce 8800gt card


      This mousy computer is pretty well set up to get the most out of it.... re: indexing off, very little TSR and services related stuff running...


      However, I can't upgrade now and am painfully aware that this computer is going to be sorely taxed to edit a full length video ( 1.5 hours finished ).


      I should start getting the video in a week or so via FTP.  Those will be about 4 separate 12 gig files.  720x480i DV NTSC.


      I don't know if my computer will be able to handle this job but will try, and any suggestions on how to break this work up into manageable pieces for the timeline, and the workflow in general , would be appreciated ....thanks..