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      I am still left with a - as far as I can see - unanswered question:  what are the plans to build Maven support in flex/flash builder?   We manage flex apps with 20-30+ project depedencies, which we want to store in the code repository, and for such setups a dependency manager is a must.   The lack of in-IDE support for Maven is a really serious deficiency from our point of view.


      I am aware of command-line maven support (unsupported by Adobe if I am not mistaken).  What I mean is support within the development environment, so that dependecies are set straight after export from the code repository.  What is Adobe's proposition to manage many dependent projects if not through Maven ??





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          pvremort Level 1

          I am following the lack of any comments or answers to my question with great interest.  Does this mean that nobody shares my problem, or it is quietly being ignored because of other good reasons ?   Kindly share your comments, all are appreciated!





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            Marvin Velo


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              pvremort Level 1

              For any others (?) waiting for maven support, please take a look at this fantastic effort for maven command line compilation in Flex.  Highly recommended :-)   I don't understand how one can do decent development with a maven-like system.  This should be fully supported in Flash/Flex builder.







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                David_F57 Level 5



                The biggest problem you have when asking about 'new' features that maybe of interest to you is that if they have been discussed internally it becomes an issue of non-disclosure until such a feature is 'ratified' then the public may get a sneak preview or it gets placed into a roadmap(Max is good for that sort of thing).


                The best way to get information or request new features is to use jira to either search for enhancement requests or add your own, enhancement requests can be voted on which will then allow the powers to be to place them under consideration.





                Its always hard for those of us looking from the outside hoping to get a peek in...when it comes to enhancements jira can sometimes give you a feel for what may happen, I am sure Adobe guys can't really comment in any official capacity until they have a firm idea whether to offer a negative or positive response.