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    Casting problem

    bchalupka-syPD9H Level 1

      Sometimes after a build I get a lot of errors of this kind or similar:

      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type mx.events:CollectionEvent to an unrelated type flash.events:Event.


      After I clean the project it works again.

      Some days ago it started to happen very often so that I got to clean the projects all the time and it's a bit time consuming.


      Is there a fix for this behaviour?

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          John Hall Level 4

          So are you actually dispatching a collection event and typing it as a  generic event? Not that it couldn't work but it sounds like a warning worth paying attention to. Willing to share the code where this is happening?

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            bchalupka-syPD9H Level 1

            I'm dispatching the CollectionEvents and in my listeners I handle them. So I never cast them to a Event. That's why I'm a bit confused =)

            In general it's not only about CollectionEvents. It seems that the warning is shown for every event.


            I would like so share some code to show this, but it only happens sometimes if my big library project is changed. So it seems that it's a problem with the library handling.

            I tried recreating this problem in a simple project but unfortunately the error didn't occur.