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    How to allow anonymous access to rights managed form?

    g5spark Level 1

      I have rights enabled a form and created a simple policy that expires the form after a certain date.


      Now everytime I open the form, I have to provide livecycle credentials.



      What I want is to have a form that will be available to the public but expires after a certain date, after which they have to download an updated version of the form.  The public should not see this login since they wont be setup as a user.


      How do I set this up?

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          When you create the policy, rather than adding users to the policy, you select the "Add Anonymous User" button (see screen shot).  To expire the document at a certain date, set the document validity period (General Settings in the policy).


          If you want to do this with the currently protected document, you will need "remove" the policy and apply the new one that is configured for "Anonymous" users.









          P.S. This is posted in the wrong forum (it should be part of Rights Management, not Reader Extensions)