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    doScript not working

    Shonkyin Level 3

      Hi All,


      below doscript code not working with onClick event. But when i try this without onClick event its working fine. What's wrong with it?


      dialog.IconButton.onClick = function()


      var openurl = "tell application \"Safari\"\ractivate\rdo JavaScript \"window.open('http://www.yahoo.com')\" in document 1\rend tell"

      app.doScript(openurl, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage)



      Any other suggestion for goto URL on click on image button in Javascript or with Applescript.




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          Harbs. Level 6

          I HATE JIVE!


          I responded to this many hours ago, but the email disappeared into Jiveland...


          I just happened to browse the web view, and noticed that my reponse never made it...


          Here was my response:


          Is it a dialog or a palette?


          app.doScript() does not work when a modal dialog is open. If you want to use app.doScript(), you'd need to either use a palette/window instead of a dialog, or close the dialog before the doScript().


          The other option is writing a html launcher file and executing that...



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            Shonkyin Level 3

            Hi Harbs,


            Thank you very much for replying.


            I am using doScript with dialog.


            Can you please show a sample of html launcher file because i have not any idea regarding this.





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              Harbs. Level 6
              var linkJumper = File(Folder.temp.fullName+"/In-Tools.html");
              var linkBody = '<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0; URL=http://in-tools.com"></head><body> <p></body></html>'



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                Shonkyin Level 3

                Thanks again,