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    Powerpoint Presentation and Captivate

      I have finished a Powerpoint presentation that I would like to try and put into Captivate to help with recording and laying down narration, but have run into problems. It does not record the transitions or animation I have put into the Powerpoint presentation and chops it up. Is there a way to record through Capitvate without having a chopped up movie?
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi there bsostre

          I have a question. Why do you want to turn Powerpoint into Captivate for the simple task of adding narration if you have already done all the hard work in Powerpoint?? My suggestion is to rather download a programme such as "Audacity" to record and edit your narrations and then attach those narrations to the relevant Powerpoint slides with autostart on slide opening. The only other thing to do then would be to set the timings of your slides for a smooth transition aligned to the narration.

          Please shout again if this is "NOT HELPING DUDE"
          PS Audacity is freeware sound editing programme