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    Adobe Reader 8.2 - setting of Reader-Window

    Erdoman Level 1



      I use Adobe Reader 8.2, Windwos XP + SP2, IE 6.0 + SP2.

      If I start the Reader application with a other application (maybe about Internet Explorer) then the setting of the Reader-Window willn't be maintained. This is only after the Security Update from Adobe Reader 8.14 to 8.2.

      Someone now why that so or can help me to stop this.




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          vbhv_malik Level 1

          I couldn't figure out the problem from what is mentioned. Can you provide more details about it???

          Which setting of the reader window is not being maintained???

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            Erdoman Level 1

            Hello Malik,


            the problem is as follows:

            The windows size, position of windows on the desktop, the display setting from PDF document.

            When I diectly start the Adobe Reader 8.2 and then adjust the display position, size of the Reader window, display of the PDF document an finish the Reader application. Later reopening the Reader is  everything (position, size, setting of PDF document) all right. But if I started Reader about a third application (maybe IE) then the desktop position was in the middle of the desktop, size was a other and the PDF document display is 167%.