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    I'd like to hire someone to create a simple interactive game in director or flash

    i m a newbie

      I can do some simple things with lingo and actionscript, but I have been given the task to create an interactive game that will be interfaced through a touchscreen. This is beyond my scope and would like some advice on where to turn for help. I have (briefly) explored some of the sites that advertise this type of service and so far they expect a huge budget and very long development timeframe.


      I really am looking for some basic stuff, a timer, a kept (high) score, random placement of (objects), an interface to scroll left and right allowing a larger game area than the 1280x1024 the touchscreen allows, collecting semi-hidden objects, jigsaw-type assembly of objects on another background scene using only the "found" pieces, etc.


      I supply all graphic elements, and only need the programming - in such a way that I can change the graphics if necessary.


      I do have a budget, and could use some advice on who may be available at a reasonable cost to my client.


      Thank you,


      James Patrick


      - I am very flexible to make this more simple. I would appreciate advice as this is on the fast track.

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          I've done this many times for a variety of clients, and specifically for touch-screen kiosks. The basic difference with the touch-screen is to go in mouse

          -show vs. mouse-hide mode, and to keep the buttons and controls big enough for fingers.I also use a hidden menu (or control panel) button in my kiosk applications, so the user can change settings easily without having to use a mouse/keyboard.


          I generally do the game development in Flash, but I use Director as a shell (import the Flash files into Director) for the purpose of checking system requirements (RAM, video codecs, etc) and other system controls, which of course can't be done in Flash. Director also has more capabilities in terms of deploying the application. I can send you some sample games I've developed over the years.


          I may be able to assist you on a temporary contact basis, although we'd have to discuss scope to determine if your needs are a match for my capabilites and schedule. Let me know how to contact you offline.