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    Help - Aligning a Form Search Field with other items

    Digmar09 Level 1



      I am converting a site from GoLive CS2 to Dreamweaver CS4 on a Mac, and am having some problems with a search box in a form. It works in the old GoLive site, but is just not working right in Dreamweaver. I have redone a template page (here: http://www.lightningpublications.com/template.html) from scratch in DW and all works except for aligning the search field properly.


      Can anyone help me in getting the search box to align with the rest of the items in the blue menu. The table it is in is set to valign="middle", however, as you can see, the search box will not align middle with the rest of the items, mainly the "Go" button. If I mess with the "Go" buttons settings, such as align right, etc., nothing will align the search box properly. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?