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    How do I make ID work like iPhoto?


      I have a client who is looking to create a large catalog consisting of over 10,000 photos. My ideal solution would be to design some master page templates and then have an action script or xml that would "auto-flow" the document much like iPhoto does when creating an album or book for printing. It's not feasable for me to spend time placing each and every photo but if the action script could do it then this project could become a reality.

      Even if I had seperate documents with different master page templates, the action script could work the same. Then I could mix the pages into one final document for maximum variety.


      Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Is this even in the realm of possibilites?

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          What do you mean by "template" ?

          Do you want to place images by columns/rows or more fancy design ?

          With or without image name ?


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            You might want to take a look at ID's 'Data Merge' functionality.  It may allow you to take a list of all the images, and use that list to place the images into a template like you're talking about.


            The other option would be, as you said, to use XML, but I don't know of any easy way to have it auto-flow like you seem to want.


            If you're willing to spend some money, look into getting a variable data printing plugin for InDesign.  There are a few very good ones out there that will do exaclty what you want.  You can set up a template in ID, tag the graphics frames, and then feed it a list of the images to go into the graphic frames.  Most, if not all, will keep adding pages until the list reaches it's end.  We use this kind of software for things like serialization and web to print, but it will certainly work for what you want, if you're willing to pay for thrid party plugins.