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    Setting defaultPDFRenderFormat in Call to RenderPDFForm

    Tom Weitzel

      I have an XML form I'm submitting to RenderPDFForm.  In the form XML, I have set the following processing instruction:


      <?formServer defaultPDFRenderFormat acrobat9.0static?>


      If I open the PDF returned from my call to RenderPDFForm in LiveCycle Designer, it's changed to


      <?formServer defaultPDFRenderFormat acrobat8.0static?>


      I'm depending on some feataures of Acrobat 9 that will not work with Acrobat 8.  When the returned form is opened, the following message appears:


      Invalid version: The current version of the XFA template model exceeds the capability of Acrobat / Adobe Reader 8.

      PDF generated successfully.

      Form version is higher than target version. This form may not run properly on target.


      How do I change my call or my server configuration to generate output that targets Acrobat 9 and will generate the processing instruction as acrobat9.0static?