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    OSMFPlayer and Streaming Plugin





      OSMFPlayer and Streaming Plugin

      In order to load my Streaming Plugin into the OSMFPlayer I could not use the DefaultMediaFactory. When I did I was unable to load the plugin before it because you need a media factory to load the plugin. I was also unable to load it after because, although it loaded successful, it was not being used.

      I had to create my own MediaFactory class that did not call init on the constructor. I would load the plugin after intatiating the media factory and then load the plugin. Once the Plugin was loaded I call init, which I have made public, on the media factory. The player will then use the plug-in I have loaded.

      This seems convoluted. What am I doing wrong here?

      Should I even be customizing the OSMFPlayer of just extending it or building off of it to make my own player

      Thanks in advance for the help all,