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    How to point to a backup server from flex

      I have two servers one primary and other backup and using webservices to communicate with the servers from Flex. So i have two wsdl's one for each of them. Initially i need to point to the primary and if there is any problem with this server i need to point to the backup. How do i achieve this from Flex. I am using proxy service and defined a destination and have the wsdl in proxy-config.xml. My code is as below.

      primary wsdl

      backup wsdl
                  service = "SoapService"
                  port = "BasicHttpBinding_SOAPService"           
                  destination="genesysWS" showBusyCursor="false"              
                  useProxy="true" >       
                 <mx:operation name="GetUnitsStatistics" resultFormat="object" 
      My proxy-config has
      <destination id="genesysWS">
              <adapter ref="soap-proxy"/>