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    Rapid Tapeless Multi-camera workflow with OnLocation


      I am wondering whether anyone is using OnLocation for rapid (read almost instant) tapeless workflow.


      What I would like to do is:


      1 - Use 4 Sony V1U HDV cameras and ISO record all of them as HDV files.

      2 - Record the ISO on four separate laptops running OnLocation via a Firewire feed from each camera.

      3 - Store the clips (as they are being recorded) onto four external eSATA drives (one for each camera/laptop combo)

      4 - After 90 minute recording is complete, move the four external eSATA drives to a central workstation running CS4 and equipped with 4 eSATA ports.

      5 - Then WITHOUT copying the files from the external drives, immediately start editing a multi-cam session.


      Can I do this?

      Are there any "gotcha's?"

      What kind of of pre-processing of the clips is necessary if any?  (audio or video "conforming"?)

      Does timecode stay with the files?

      How long after I mount the drives might I be ready to start editing?  1 minute?  5 minutes 1 hour or more?


      I need to do a FAST turnaround, but cannot do a live switch.......




      Mike Fayette