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    Dng or Raw for Canon Rebel T2i?

    vadervideo Level 1

      I just got my Canon Rebel T2i last Friday and did a couple of test shots. Of course the raw format is new and unreadable with any of the adobe products. I contacted Adobe to see if (and when possibly) they would be updating for a new raw version(s) - hence, they sent me to get the latest DNG (5.6) in the mean time - well, this also can not read the files. (or convert) - Hence, I was just wondering if anyone else has a solution in the interim? If not, I suppose all we can do is wait - albeit - the Canon raw reader does work that came with the Camera's software - but for workflow this is not preferable. I was hoping at the very least this raw format would be the same as the Canon 7D, but no such luck.:)

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

          When you purchase the latest and greatest camera from any company when it first hits the market place, there is a waiting period until Camera Raw, the DNG converter and Lightroom will support it.  Support has to be added, and it will be done in a timely and well controlled manner.  No one will tell you when it will be available.  But Camera Raw is updated approximately 4 times each year.  And with that update there will be an updated DNG converter.  So for the time being it appears that you will just have to wait.  I don't follow the updates, so if your camera actually is now supported this whole response is meaningless.


          Incidentally, the raw format very well could be exactly the same.  But Camera Raw identifies a camera by the model number.  Each model must have a profile created for it.

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            NathanChilton Level 1

            This is why I love that Pentax's DSLRs give you the option of recording all of your RAW images in DNG format.  If Canon and Nikon did this too, your brand new cameras would work with pretty much every RAW converter out there on day one!

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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

              In my opinion, until support is provided, this is a good time to just shoot JPEG images and get to know how the camera responds.  Adjust your photographic techniques until you are getting good results.  Then, when support is added for your camera, you will be able to take advantage of the extra latitude and other benefits that will make your photos even better.  Today's cameras really do take excellent JPEG images.  It's not like you are going to break anything if you take a JPEG image.

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                NathanChilton Level 1


                You make a good point.  However, I would still not recommend shooting JPG-only for anything important.  You can shoot RAW+JPG and make do with the JPGs until the Adobe products catch up.  In the mean time, if you really need the extra capability of RAW files, you'll have to make do with the software provided by Canon. 


                This brings up another thing that Canon and Nikon could do: just make their own DNG converter and include it on the CD that comes with the camera.  If they don't want to build the functionality into the camera's firmware, they could at least make a DNG converter available to their customers. 


                In my opinion, it is a disservice to their customers to keep producing cameras with proprietary (and continuously changing) RAW formats, which prevent their customers from being able to use the RAW converter/processor of their choice and cause the software companies to need to continuously update their software every time new cameras are released.

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                  JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                  But that is exactly my point.  You have a brand-new camera.  BEFORE you do anything important it seems to me that it would be wise to experiment to find out how the camera will respond to your way of shooting.  And shooting just JPEG for those test images will show you just how unforgiving the camera or your style might be.  Of course, if you are brave enough to do some important shooting, doing the raw plus JPEG is a logical choice.  Maybe even for your test shooting.

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                    vadervideo Level 1

                    Interestingly enough - the Canon Dig. Photo Pro version that came with the camera, actually has an option to take a raw image once adjusted etc.. straight into Photoshop CS4 - so even though the interface is a bit different in the Canon suite than the CS4 RAW interface, it does the job, and actually quite well. As I only shoot actual photos for stop motion series mainly, and also use this camera for HD vid - it really doesn't bother me to have to wait for any updates. So, in all reality or the bottom line: All facilities are available if you install the Canon software. (Even more than one could imagine if you start using the remote control goodies etc...)

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                      NathanChilton Level 1

                      Yes, but how long should this "experimental" phase last?  Yes, of course, you would be foolish to do anything serious (meaning work for a paying client) until you have played with the camera, read the manual, become comfortable with it, and learned from the common mistakes that everyone is going to make with new gear.  But, I'm going to want my new camera to be working for me within a month (or, likely, a couple of weeks) -- because the reason I bought it is that it has some advantage over my current primary tool.

                      Of course, we are talking about an entry-level camera in this thread, so this is likely to be someone's first DSLR, which means that none of this really matters.  The purchaser probably will not be used to shooting in RAW anyway and is going to have a lot to learn before this stuff is really relevant -- and by then, the camera will probably be supported.

                      I am more concerned about someone upgrading to a brand new high-end camera and not being able to use the camera in his current workflow. 

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                        NathanChilton Level 1

                        Now, I also recognize that just because the camera is an entry-level camera does not mean that the original poster (or anyone else purchasing the camera) is an entry-level photographer.  My next camera may very well be Pentax's entry-level K-x DSLR because it is at least a stop better in producing clean images at higher ISOs.  My K-7 is superior in every single other way, but for available-light shooting in a dark church, that entry-level camera beats Pentax's flagship model.  But, of course, since the K-x uses the DNG format, I don't have to worry about whether or not Lightroom will support the RAW files.

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                          vadervideo Level 1

                          I do need to point out that even though this is considered and entry level camera, the only thing that makes it entry level is that it is not built as robust as say the Canon 7D. Other than that, I do use it for professional stuff and it is way beyond anyone's dreams of just a few years ago. "Camera envy" seems to be a common disease amongst the pro world. My take is very simple - it's the not the camera, it's the guy behind it. Hence, I love taking equipment like this and pushing its limits to the max. Amazingly enough - this model really does a fine job - far better than expected. Or should I say - the average viewer will never know that this is where the final product came from. In general, I believe many people (perhaps even some pros) worry way too much about "counting rivets" instead of just using equipment for what it's designed for.

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                            NathanChilton Level 1

                            So you spent good money on a camera with outstanding image quality, which you will use for professional work, but you are not able to use it with the most popular photo management/processing applications because the companies who have buit that software need to dedicate developers and testers to updating and validating their software in order to support the new camera -- and you'll just have to get by with the JPGs and/or Canon's software in the mean time.


                            Yet, if Canon had put DNG support into that new camera, it would have been supported out of the box, on day one, and the software developers out there at Adobe and Apple could be focusing on new features, instead of wasting time spinning their wheels, supporting the tweaked RAW formats of every new camera that gets released.

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                              NathanChilton Level 1

                              My main point is simply that I believe that Canon and Nikon owe it to their customers to stop changing up their RAW format with each new camera and start making DNG an option in their cameras.    

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                                By the way, the new beta of LightRoom 3 supports the t2i.


                                And for those who think it is dumb to use an brand new camera on an important project: my week-old t2i just recorded about 2,000 images over two weeks on my first trip to India. Not everything came out as I hoped, but I got some amazing shots! Now I'm using LightRoom for the first time!



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                                  NathanChilton Level 1



                                  Congratulations on your new camera and your trip to India!


                                  To clarify, I am just saying that I think it would be foolish to shoot something like a wedding with a camera you just unboxed the day before.  In fact, I think it's perfectly reasonable to shoot something important a week after buying the camera, if you shoot like mad during that first week and spend time each day processing the pictures, learning your new piece of equipment.


                                  If the newest beta of Lightroom supports the T2i, then it looks like all is well for owners of this camera.  Even for people who don't use Lightroom as their primary photo processing tool, the Lightroom beta could be used to convert the RAW files to DNGs, and then they can be taken and processed by application of their choice!


                                  That's great news!    

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                                    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                    A new release candidate of the DNG converter, Lightroom and Camera Raw has been released: http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2010/04/camera_raw_57_and_lightroom_27.html

                                    Since it is a RC, make a copy of the files that you convert, until the final version is out.

                                    But this will allow you to open the files in your software (what is it? PSCS3, 4? elements? Lightroom?)