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    Odd behavior of stills in Pro CS4

    Andy Post Level 1

      Sorry to bother you pro's with a newbie question but I"m stumped.  Trying CS4 Pro with a trial....


      I've inserted stills over a video track.  After I render I get several odd things happening.



      One of the frames had a line running top to bottom, looked just like a scratch on an old piece of film.



      I deleted clip and re-inserted it, rescaled, recropped.  When I rendered....it just disapeared.  I click the clip and can see the selection handles, can see how it's cropped but it's as though I'd set me opacity to zero???



      On another still, I dropped it on the timeline, scaled and croped it.  I'm doing a Ken Burnsy thing that zooms and changes the crop as it runs along the timeline.  What I see however is a crop that is NOT the crop I applied.  I have it cropped as a nearly square square to start, and it ends up more of a rectangle.  What I see however starts as a rectangle.  And even wierder, there is an empty area to one side and the rest of the image appears as a bar beyond the empty space.  The little floater block starts attached then seceeds as the effect runs.


      Have the best most recent video driver for my nVidia so.....

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Not sure about some of those behaviors.


          Let's start back a bit, and see if we can find the cause.


          What is your Project/Sequence Preset? Here, I'm mostly thinking Frame Size.


          Do you have Scale to Frame checked?


          Tell us more about each of the still images, maybe one example for each of your behaviors, unless they are all the same.


          Have you resized (Scaled) your stills in Photoshop to nearly what the Sequence's Frame Size is? You do not want PrPro to do that Scaling for you, unless you absolutely cannot help it. The Scaling algorithms are much better and offer more control in PS, than in PrPro.


          Also, for each of the questions, can you post a screen-cap, so that we can see the exact problem. I'd include the portion of the Timeline with the problem Clip and the CTI over it, plus the result in the Program Monitor. I'd use a JPEG compression setting of about 9 on the Photoshop scale, so that others can read things clearly. You can crop the images to just the area that is necessary. This will clean things up a bit, and will also enlarge the area of concern to be seen most clearly.


          Good luck,



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            Andy Post Level 1

            Hey Bill...Let me see if I can answer your quesitons in such a fashion that you think I understand them;-)


            Sequence Preset 1920X1080 (1.0)


            Edit/Preferences/General/Default scale to frame size is unchecked.


            Regarding the odd behaviours of each still, I did my best in the original post to describe the wierdness.  I'm not sure what else to say.  But....


            No, have not scaled themm in photoshop.  I understand it's much better at it, after all that's all it does is work with still images. Each image is cropped and scaled depending on where it goes in/on the background image.  IE I'm making it up as I go.  Worked in Elements. DOH!


            Does any of that help?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What is the size in pixels x pixels, of the still images?


              Looking at the Crop, and judging from your comments and the screen-cap, it appears that the Top and Bottom are working fine (there is no Crop on the Right), but it's only the Left (32.1% at this point) that is not working, and within what should be cropped off, that line of either white pixels, or similar, is showing up. Is that correct? Now, is the Crop animated, between those two Keyframes?


              While others are looking and thinking, I'd make notes on the Crop settings, and then Clear it. Apply it once again, and just plug in your figures. Same thing, or is there a change in the behavior?


              Good luck,



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                Andy Post Level 1

                Regarding the size of still images.  I've output the JPEGs as files that are 2200 pixels on the long side.  The idea is that I've got a file that's probably big enough to crop heavily if needed, but not so huge Premiere has to work the rest of the week to render it down from a full size file.


                On one of the problem files, I tried your suggestion of making it to size in Photoshop and ended up with a file 1816X1355.  I'm not sure where that came from.  I ended up setting the crop tool in Photoshop to be 1800px wide...so don't know where the extra 16 pixels came from.  I found that process to be a big gamble and frought with trial and error.  After three or four tries for just one image, to get to a size that works at both ends of the clip, it seems like a lot of extra work.


                Your description of the crop issue is correct and yes, it is animated between the keyframes.


                I did try taking the crop out and typing the values back in.  Same wierdness with varying results.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  That file size (dimensions) does not seem out of line for your Project, especially if one is Panning on a Zoomed-out image in an HD Project. For a PiP (your cropped image), I would probably have Scaled it down in PS, as it would not likely be used larger, than your initial Scale, prior to Cropping it. Still, as you say, that is extra work. Still, I view each of my images as unique, and will animate each one slightly differently, as is required by the subject matter. [That is why I have zero use for any Random Pan & Zoom - no program (that I know of) can tell what is in my mind.]


                  I am at a total loss as to what is happening with your Crop. Maybe someone else will see what I am obviously missing.


                  Often, I will Keyframe the Crop, Scale and Position, and have never encountered this behavior.


                  Sorry, but something is going over my pointed little head here.


                  Good luck,



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                    Andy Post Level 1

                    I had a professor at school who used to say "you've got a point there.....but if you part your hair right it won't show"


                    I have to assume that it's either a continuing nVidia driver issue as I'm still getting warnings from Premier elements and still see odd things in Pro as well from time to time (trails when you drag, portions of reduced programs that remain inside Premier windows while the program things things through)


                    And of course, there's no faster way to find a bug than to unleash an untrained idiot on your application.


                    For the time being, I'm rendering my background video and I'll export it into Elements and see how that works.   While it's rendering I try the crop thing a bit more in photoshop.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      I had a professor at school who used to say "you've got a point there.....but if you part your hair right it won't show"




                      That used to work for me. However now, I have little hair to "part." My barber has suggested that I start doing a "comb-over" from my neck and back!


                      Good luck, and let us know how it goes. With some fairly recent nVidia drivers, there were two modules, that were extreme gamer-only additions, PhysX and StereoVision. Many users found that when they removed those two, many display issues disappeared in Adobe programs. Maybe look and see if you have either of those, in the nVidia console.



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                        Phil Griffith Level 2

                        perhaps, place the some of the photos on the a track and (at the end of your timeline) and see what that gives? Have you checked nvidea to see if you have the latest drivers?

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                          Andy Post Level 1

                          Do have newest drivers from nVidia, and have uninstalled both the suggested add ons.  No change.