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    Dynamic value objects in flex and coldfusion 9

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      I'm writing a program for a company that does registrations for conventions and trade-shows.  The problem I'm having is that each different client wants to store different data for each show.  Most of the data is the same (attendee's name, address, etc...), but each show has some customizations that it wants to have...  So each database for each show is going to be different...


      Right now, the only way I know how to transfer data from Flex to ColdFusion is via a Value Object.  (Well, the only good way to do it, that is.)  My problem comes when a client wants a particular database customized.  I have MANY questions about this...


      1) How do I tell my Value Object what fields we've added to or changed in the database without re-writing the entire VO (in both the .AS and .CFC files) and re-compiling my program?  In other words, I need a dynamic VO that changes automatcially with the database.


      2) If there is a way to dynamically create a VO in Flex (and from a few blog posts I've seen, it seems there is a way), how do I tell CF9 what the structure of that dynamically-created VO is?  Without re-writing a bunch of .CFC files every time I add or change a field in the database, that is...


      3) How do I reference the dynamically-created fields in my Flex program?  Right now, for example, I can define a variable called attendeeInfo as type attendeeInfoVO, and then reference things like attendeeInfo.first_name, attendeeInfo.last_name, etc...  How do I reference a field programmatcially when I don't know what it's going to be called beforehand?


      4) How do I make my program display/modify those dynamically-created fields?  Right now, using the attendeeInfo example above, I can create a TextInput with an id="firstNameInput" and just say firstNameInput.text = "{attendeeInfo.first_name}".  That won't work when I have no clue how many dynamically-created fields there are, or even what kind of data they're going to store...  How do I deal with this?


      5) Is there something other than VOs that would fit this situation better?  Am I limiting myself by using VOs in the first place?  Is it just plain impossible to do this with VOs?  And if so, what are my alternatives?  I need a structured object that can be passed around with a single reference -- I absolutely DO NOT want to pass a bunch of references to a bunch of different variables -- that's why I used VOs from the very beginning.


      6) Can I simply PAY someone at Adobe for one-on-one help here?  Do they have experts that you can "buy" for a few hours?  What's the charge for that, if such a thing is available?  Or, is this problem well-explained somewhere on the Web, and I just haven't found it yet?


      I'm very confused here, and it seems like I might have to re-write a ton of code, which I'm not looking forward to...  Ugh...  I appreciate any help you can give me...



      Laurence MacNeill

      Mableton, Georgia, USA