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    Importing From Illustrator (CS4)


      First, my disclamier: I'm new to Adobe CS4 Suite so I don't have all my technical jargon down but am starting to get up to speed...relatively speaking.


      I've got (6) Artboards created in Illustrator and each artboard has a mix of images, layers and gradients.  I'm trying to import these into Fireworks to create a single page tri-fold document (on front and back).  Each of the artboards were meant to be one of the (6) pages on the tri-fold.


      I'm trying to follow the directions here in the Help but it doesn't provide much information.


      To begin, I'm not sure if I need to have my canvas size in Fireworks equal to my total print size (8.5 x 11) so it includes all 8 artboards or if I need a separate canvas for each of my artboards.


      It appears as though I am only able to import certain pages of the 6 and it even crashes if I try to import all of the artboards.


      I was able to import one artboard for each individual canvas I created.  But my problem here is that in Illustrator I have a layer with a gradient that allows my to fade into a second layer (image) below so I can view the image through my choice of opacity as well.  But when I import this artboard it appears that I lose my opacity and I lose the image (layer) that was below.


      Am I going about this all wrong?  Do I need to lock the layers? Or do I need to convert this to another file format to allow me to import the entire design of my artboard.


      I don't think converting this to a .jpg would be wise since, from what I understand, saving this as a .jpg would work for web design elements but would not sufficient quality for printed material.


      Am I on track or horribly lost?


      Thanks for any guidance.