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    Interactivity Abstraction

      Hi All,

      I have chosen Captivate to make a training video for my softare much like I am sure many of you have done before. I have been having a hard time with one thing though.

      My goal is to have many small 200px by 100px sections of software demo'd. Then once I have demo'd every small section of my software I plan to use these small demos in an overall demo. So I plan to make the demo an interactive simulation using clickable buttons to invoke the small demos from before. Sounds easy right?

      The reason I am doing the small videos is because I plan to have small '?' (question marks) next to each confusing part of my software. I don't want the user to have to navigate away and trudge through a long tutorial each time they don't understand something. So, I will have mini tutorials all over the app. Then one big one containing all the small ones in an "Interactive Demo"

      I have been working with Captivate for a while to capture the screen for simple fullscreen demos, but I can't seem to get this functionality out of it.

      Is this possible? Thanks for any help in advance?
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          webbo1968 Level 1
          Open 2 versions of captivate. Set one at 200px100px and the other at your main project size (ie 800x600 as an example).

          Use the smaller version to record your demos and publish these as individual .swf files, named accordingly. Record each of these separatly so you end up with a collection of .CP files and published .SWF files.

          Then drop these .swfs into the main project either as animations on a slide or come in through a slidelet when a user clicks or hovers over (use insert animation in slidelet options)