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    Separate Video and Audio tracks


      After I've opened a new project and dragged the clips into the timeline, the Audio and Video tracks suddenly are separated. Their pôsition is changed an the video track is on track 1 while the audio is to find on track 6. (see image attached) There is no way to drag them together, also by first having them disconnected. Does anybody know how to bring them both together on their track 1 as it use to be and as illustrated on the second attached image ?

      separated tracks.jpg

      Joined tracks

      joined tracks.jpg

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, you have posted to the Tips & Tricks sub-forum, which is a repository for articles on how to do things, or do them better. Maybe Steve Grisetti, or MOD, will move this out to the main forum, so you'll get more traffic.


          Now, it appears that your Audio is DD 5.1 SS. Is that correct? If you choose a Project Preset w/ DD 5.1 SS Audio, you should have things closer together. Hope that this helps.


          Good luck,



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            Zjokske Level 1

            Thanks Bill,

            How do I get acces to the main forum ?

            But isn't it so that if you import clips containing 5.1 surround, automatic a 5.1 channel audiotrack is added to the project.

            When I do this, the audio channel is created on track 6, although I have the preset of the standard timeline by starting a new project put on 3 audio and 3 video tracks.

            Tracks 4 and 5 don't exist.

            When I load an old project with the normal timeline, i still can add clips by the usual way. Everything works normal.

            When I try to drag the audio track to the track Audio as it use to be thits place, both tracks jumps two tracks higher.

            I compaired the old and the new project and find no difference in the presettings.

            I am desperate because it's useless to start new projects with this failure.


            Many thanks in advance to help me anyway.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For the Main Forum - right HERE.


              Yes, PrE, just like PrPro, will create Audio Tracks, as they are necessary, and does differentiate between various channel configurations.


              Now, as to why Audio Track 5, I can only guess, but the default is 3 Video, and regular Audio Tracks in a New Project, and then there are the two fixed Audio Tracks, Narration and Soundtrack. That would leave the next choice at Audio Track 6.


              The still best way to deal with DD 5.1 SS is to choose that Preset to begin with. As you say, that is not an option. My suggestion would be to first Delete Unused Tracks (will not affect the Soundtrack, or Narration), to clean things up a bit. When working on Video, just change display to Video Tracks Only, and when doing Audio work, Audio Tracks Only.


              Because PrPro does not have the fixed Soundtrack and Narration Tracks, one can just Delete Unused Audio Tracks, create a new, appropriately specified new Audio Track (say a 5.1 in your case), placed where ever you wish, and move your DD 5.1 SS to that track. Between you and me, I like the Audio & Video Track setups in PrPro, but many PrPro users long for the layout in PrE and send Feature Requests to Adobe weekly. I hope that the "mail" does not get through. Only change I would make to PrPro's layout would be the ability to Click-drag one Track to another location within the Audio (or Video) Track hierarchy, but I can live without that.


              Hope that this helps,