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    Batch importing Word files into separate InDesign files

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      I have what I though would be a fairly common question, but I can't seem to find any information about it in this forum or on the web.


      I have a folder of Word files (over 100, which is why I don't want to do this manually) and one InDesign CS4 file that I'd like to use as a template (basically it's just a couple of pages with some threaded text boxes and a few images). I would like to write a script that will go through the Word files, one by one, and pull each into the text box in the InDesign file before saving it as a new copy (ideally with the same name as the Word file). So, if I have 100 Word files and one InDesign file in a folder, I'd like to be able to run a script and end up with 100 new InDesign files.


      I think I can deal with importing and placing the text, and saving the file again. It's mostly the question of using javascript to go through a folder to find all of the filenames so that I can pass the name to the import file command that is confusing me.


      Oh, I'm on a Mac with OS 10.6 and using InDesign CS4.