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    mx:DataGrid -- Layered text bleeding in DataGrid Header


      As anyone encountered the following issue?


      I have a page made of spark containers and components.

      I also have a spark container containing an halo DataGrid that when invoked, becomes visible and display the grid with some info. The grid is layered on top of the other containers. Yet, and this does not happens all the time, on occasion, the text from the spark component bleed into the halo DataGrid and it seems to only do so in the Header.


      I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening. I tried several things including colors, opacity, delaying the display of the grid(just to make sure it has time to draw properly) and so on, but the issue remains.

      If I remove the DataGrid from the container then no bleeding occurs.


      I have a similar setup to invoke another SkinnableContainer containing spark children only and this works great! no bleeding of text through it...


      I would appreciate any suggestions one may have to fix this issue as it is driving me bunkers and at this point there is not an equivalent grid for spark I can replace this one with.


      I am using Flex SDK 4.