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    RH8 HTML: WebHelp on Mac OSX cuts off search pane

    TechDoc Jeanne Level 1


      I generate Webhelp using a skin.

      It looks fine on the PC in IE7 and Firefox 3.5.8.

      On Mac OS 10.4 using Safari or Firefox (latest versions), the text that is at the top of the search pane is cut off by the search results pane.


      Here is how the search pane looks in browsers on the PC (correct):

      webhelp on pc search pane.png


      And here is how it looks in FF and Safari on the Mac (incorrect - "Search results per page" and checkbox are covered by lower results pane):


      webhelp on mac search pane.png


      Is there some way to prevent this from happening on the Mac? I need to produce a single webhelp file that can be viewed using both platforms.


      Thanks for info,