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    Upgrade my CPU or GPU ?

    shahzad mian

      i currenlty have a AMD athlon 64 x2 2.6Ghz processor, ATI radeon X1950 pro GPU and Corsair XMS2 4Gb DDR2 ram, i wanted to upgrade the processor to AMD Phenom II X4 945 to get some smoother video editing experience in premiere cs4 but then i saw many discussion over cpu vs gpu for video editing and now i am confused whether i should upgrade my cpu or the gpu. i want to have better editing experince rather then less rendering time. my work have both SD and HD videos involved, for AVCHD editing i am gona buy a new pc after some time. just need an urgent upgrade to fasten things up a bit !!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I replied to you in the other forum:


          Currently, system performance is dictated by:


          1. CPU

          2. Memory

          3. Disk setup

          4. OS

          5. Services and processes

          6. ...

          7. ...

          8. ...

          9. Video card


          I feel you are making the wrong decisions, lead by your available budget.


          Upgrading your CPU will probably gain you some performance increase, but it will be marginal and price/performance wise, a lousy investment.

          Upgrading your video card will cost you and the performance gain will be negligent.

          The fastest AMD systems I have seen are still around three times slower than a properly configured i7.


          If you want to make any investments, do so in your disk setup. That will carry over to your next system, whether that is AMD or Intel. You can always use the storage capacity and the disk speed. For the rest, start saving for a new system.

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            shahzad mian Level 1

            but according to tomshardware.com cpu performance chart of premiere the quad core phenom has more then twice the performance compared to my current dual core processor and many users have said they got much improvement from the dual core to quad core. wont the quad core give me performace increase in my graphics work in corel and other softwares etc. i will buy a proper system next year when i join a film school and till then money wont be a problem but now i just need some performance improvement or should i just forget about upgrading the processor !!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Look at the configurations listed at http://ppbm4.com/Benchmark.html benchmarks, do the benchmark test yourself and mail the results to Bill (and possibly to me by Private mail) and I will get back to you. It will show where your system is in relation to other systems and where improvements can be made.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                They may be right, even though that is not likely on Tom's Hardware. And the relevancy is nil. Tom's never test for PR performance in real life.


                Let's say you have a car that accelerates to 60 MPH in 35 seconds and you want to improve that. You can have your car tuned for a large amount, let's say $ 5 K and it is guaranteed to accelerate to 60 MPH in 30 seconds. That still leaves you in the dust compared to a $ 7 K car that does it in less than 10 seconds. What is the wiser investment?