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    Brush Options in CS3

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      I'm new to Illustrator CS3 and I'm trying to copy a logo.  I'm trying to draw with the brush tool and require a pencil thin line at the beginning and end of a long sweep through the logo.  I've been in the brushes palette and experimented with options, but the choices are very limited and I can't find what I need.  I'm using a Wacom Tablem Intuos 4.  Are there other brush sets that I can download, CS3 seems to only ship with limited choices.



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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you try from the Window menu, at the bottom where it says Brush Libraries which has a number of choices, each with multiple brushes. Or you could make your own.

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            The best thing to do for your illustration is to create a customized brush to satisfy your needs.


            For instance, you will need to open up a new illustrator file and draw the desired pattern you would like your brush to have.  After you are done creating your diagram select all of the objects and choose "New Brush" from the Brush Palette section in Illustrator. Make sure to select Art Brush and a new window should pop up with some properties. Click on " Tints " from the " Method " section (it will make the brush change colors depending on what you choose). After that is done play around with your brush and start drawing lines or shapes.


            I hope that you can solve your problem with this information. Let me know if you have any other questions.





            PS: I learned how to use Illustrator by using these tutorials that helped me out a lot!




            I learned how to master the Brush Properties and many other things in Illustrator. Let me know what you think about this too!