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    Stills Exporting with an Unwanted Transition

    pzkevco Level 1



      I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.2.1.


      I primarily build slide shows with stills.  I have built many with previous versions of Premiere.  I built one in the fall using CS4 (not 4.2.1 - I justed updated it).  I don't use the Automate to Sequence feature.  I drag and drop each still in by hand.


      Tonight I have run into a major problem.  I use very few transitions between stills, but the export (in QuickTime) has a short dissolve between every still.  I have not encountered this before.  When I render the Work Area - I do not see them.  Only in the exported QuickTime file.


      Any information would be appreciated.


      Thank you,