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    Unable to select and extract object...


      I am currently attempting to edit a recently converted raster to vector image. I have the file opened and selected after having used the "live trace" function to revise it and save as a vector image. Now I would like to select and extract a portion of the image to work with but I am neither able to select and extract the object of focus from within the general picture. When I attempt to use the pointer selection tool to select the object of focus, the entire image becomes selected with a blue border. If I try to use the magic wand nothing happens. If I try to use the lasso tool I can draw around the object of focus but when I close the lasso it simply disappears leaving nothing selected. I've even tried to "ungroup" the image but option is grayed out (unavailable). Any insights into what I am doing incorrectly? By the way, the live trace function becomes active whenever I click anywhere within the general image.