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    Please try out my App!


      Hi All,


      I have created an application called Swifter and I am looking for Beta Testers. The link to the Beta installation package is at the bottom of the post.


      Here's some info:


      Some think of Swifter as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for swfObject - but it is also so much more.

      Swifter has a new fresh interface. To see a larger version, click the image below.

      Why use Swifter?

      Dreamweaver allows you to add Flash to your web site and the later versions now use swfObject to embed the SWF. swfObject has a code generator that writes the code for you - all you have to do is cut and paste it into your HTML. But, it only creates the code for one SWF at a time.

      What if you want to:

      • Add multiple SWFs and FLVs in multiple divs and layer them?
      • Have SWFs floating and flying above your page?
      • See your web page and SWFs as they appear to the end-user while dragging and dropping your SWFs to where you want them on your page, then scaling them, setting their alpha, and controlling how they play?
      • Do all of this without writing any code?

      You can with Swifter. And the code Swifter automatically adds to your web page is W3C XHTML 1.0 standards compliant.

      The Swifter 2.0 Beta is Here!

      Swifter 2.0 has improved functionality, including a better FLV player with full screen capability, and the ability to directly add SWFs and FLVs to your page rather than having to add them to your library first.


      To download the Beta, use this link:


      https://www.box.net/file/391419830/encoded/38072918/71a4d97102f2c3f990316edab591 cfac


      To downoad the associated Development Kit, use this link:


      https://www.box.net/file/391419818/encoded/38072918/eeca78c5e7c4d0e969c896bc72e5 c269