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    Flash not showing up in browsers

      Hello. I have been studying this problem in various threads online and have not found a solution that works for me yet. I am using Flash and Dreamweaver from Adobe's CS3 Web Premium package (on a Mac G5 PowerPC if that matters) and have inserted the .swf file into my Dreamweaver document. It previews fine locally, but when posted online will not appear in any browser. I have posted all of the accompanying files: AC_RunActiveContent.js, ResearchImages.swf, ResearchImages.swd and have verified their existence on the server. I pasted the code for the flash portion alone in a file called ResearchImages.html which shows up just fine. The same code embedded in my index.htm or index.html files will not display, however. Below are some details that might be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. =)

      Website and page not displaying flash file: http://www.biochem.utah.edu/shaw/index.htm

      Same flash file which appears by itself just fine (images change every 10 seconds): http://www.biochem.utah.edu/shaw/images/flash/ResearchImages.html

      Code for flash portion attached.